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Unlike other law firms, we only practice children and family law.

Court Attendance

Facing a courtroom and/or a hearing can be a daunting prospect for anyone. Rest assured, you do not have..

Case Management

A typical case will accumulate Up to 350 pages of documents over the duration. Keeping that in a..

Statement Preparation

There is an art to writing a good statement the fate of a case can be determined by inadequate presentation or articulation.

Case Preparation

Case preparation and case management are very similar. However, it is crucial to prioritise the issues ..

Support with CAFCASS

Cafcass is the interface between the court and your child. Children are generally not directly involved..

Admin Support

We can support you in drafting correspondence with local authorities and other related....

Bundle Preparation

In a perfect world, the court keeps a court bundle; therefore, your entire case paperwork....

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